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Comedian Bob Marley

Event Start Date: 09/14/2024
Event End Date: 09/14/2024
Event Start Time: 8:00pm
Event End Time: 10:00pm
Ticket Price: $37.50 plus fees
Event Description:
Bob loves being a comedian. He’s wicked good at it!
He lives in Maine which is the best state in the world, maybe even the universe. He’s featured regularly on Sirius XM radio and he even won their Superbowl of Comedy! He has put out over 20 comedy CDs and DVDs! He was inducted into The Guinness Book of World’s Records for “the longest stand-up comedy show by an individual” at 40 hrs of straight stand-up! He’s been on over 100 tv shows including Leno, Letterman, Conan, Jimmy Fallon, Craig Ferguson, and Comedy Central to name just a few. He co-starred in “Boondock Saints” I and II “All Saints Day” playing Detective Greenly. He has toured the U.S., Europe, Canada, Kuwait, and Iraq. That’s about it!
Tickets are $37.50 + fees.
Additional fee for in-person/phone box office purchases.
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