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All orders are subject to venue policies at the time of the show, which may be different than the policies at the time of purchase.


Ticket-selling scams happen when a scammer uses tickets as bait to steal your money. The scammer usually sells fake tickets or you pay for a ticket, but never receive it. They are common when tickets for popular concerts, plays, and sporting events sell out. Scammers, including individuals and fake resale companies, take advantage of the situation by:

  • Charging prices much higher than the face value of a ticket
  • Creating counterfeit tickets with forged barcodes and logos of real ticket companies
  • Selling duplicates of a legitimate ticket and emailing it to several buyers.
  • Pretending to sell tickets online to steal your credit card information



  • Buy tickets at the Claremont Opera House box office 603-542-4433
  • Buy tickets directly from cohnh.org/events


  • Don’t wire transfer money to pay for tickets.
  • Don’t trust sellers who want you to pay with a prepaid money card.
  • Don’t pay before seeing the tickets
  • Don’t meet an individual ticket seller alone or in a low-traffic area.
  • Don’t automatically trust online search results for ticket sellers. Search results can include paid ads, sellers that charge high fees, and scams.


There are several options to report a ticket scam:

Purchases made through these third-party websites are not actual COH transactions and cannot be returned to or validated by us. Internet searches for our events can link you to third-party websites.

We recommend you purchase your tickets online at www.cohnh.org. If you need support, The Box office is open Monday through Friday from 10 am-2 pm. This time is subject to change. Please call to confirm the hours of operation or to make an appointment at 603-542-4433. The Box Office is located on the 1st floor near the Grand Staircase.  


All Sales are final. No returns or refunds.COH does not generally cancel performances except in cases of extreme weather. If the safety of our performers and audience warrants a cancellation (a very rare occurrence), ticket holders may be contacted with an offer to exchange them for another performance of the same show. Notice of the cancellation will be posted at cohnh.org, on our Facebook page (and event page), on our box office voicemail (603-542-4433) and on the entry doors.

In certain extreme circumstances, tickets may be exchanged for other performances of the same show. Members of the Claremont Opera House may exchange tickets with no additional charge.

COH provides both Assigned and General Seating (depending on event) with special social distancing protocols.

Assigned Seating. Locations (Orchestra and Balcony) and Seats (A through T, 1-23 odd, 2-24 even, 101-112 center). Patrons may select their individual seat.

General Seating. First-come, first-served seating. Requests to reserve specific seating are generally limited to ADA requirements. Patrons may be asked to move over by one seat in the event of “orphan” seating (one seat left between groups). We recommend early arrival for best seating options.

Claremont Opera House has four designated wheelchair seating positions at the rear of the house. One companion seat is reserved next to each position. More may be marked reserved upon purchase of tickets (please contact the box office to request these reserved spaces).

NOTE: In the event of sold out performances, “unsold accessible seats may be released and sold to members of the general public … when all non-accessible seats have been sold” (Ref: ADA Requirements for Ticket Sales).

COH adds a Preservation Fee of $1 to each ticket to help with maintenance and upgrades to our facilities. Additional service fees for merchant services and ticketing software may also be added. Fees may vary from show to show.

A convenience charge of $2.00 will be assessed for any patron who chooses to call or stop in in person for assistance with a ticket purchase (BO Phone).

In order to spread awareness of our mask and social distance policy, all purchasers are required to confirm that they and their party agree and will comply with the following: COH requires all patrons to wear masks while in the venue. Repeat violators of this policy will be asked to leave with no refund. Additionally, other checkout questions may be used from time to time to get clarity or special requests from patrons.

Individuals who arrive after a performance has begun will be asked by ushers to wait to be seated until a suitable break in the performance that will not distract other patrons or the artist(s).

If you are unable to attend a performance you are welcome to gift your tickets to others. Some patrons like to “release” their tickets for COH to resell to other patrons; these generate additional funds for COH and allow others to see performances that may be sold out.

When performances sell out (meaning all seats are paid for or awaiting payment), COH may offer spots on the waitlist. Occasionally, guests who have purchased their tickets may not use all of those tickets and give permission for them to be released for sale. Beginning around twenty minutes before show time, COH may begin selling reserved or released seats to guests “waiting” at the theatre. These are provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

Thanks for your patience with online COH ticket orders. When a show gets close to a sellout, the number of tickets available becomes very small. When someone adds those tickets to their cart, they are unavailable for up to twenty minutes (when they are released) or until purchased (and no longer available). If you are having difficulty purchasing tickets, you could try again later or contact the box office by phone for a reservation (or to be added to the waitlist). We sell tickets in the order that reservations come in, so the sooner you get in line, the more likely we will be able to fulfill your request.

Gift certificates are a great way to share your love of COH productions with others. If you currently possess a gift certificate and wish to redeem it, please contact the Box Office. Gift Certificates are not currently available for purchase.

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